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Ok, admittedly, these aren’t our best shots but we need them here to tell a story.  Just this past week we’ve had guests from Tasmania and Qatar. 

Justin requested a custom tour because she couldn’t make it any other day and she hadn’t been to Guelph since she was 6 months old – over 45 years ago! She and Roger, (who appears to be oohing & aahing over their feast at atmosphere cafe + etc.)regaled us with stories of selling lamb and other produce at their local market, how Tasmania has a not too hot climate and that kangaroos are plentiful, a bit of a nuisance, and come in many sizes. But here’s the thing that got us the most: their hometown of Hobart, Tasmania has the latitude of 42.8821° S while Guelph is 43.5448° N. Talk about an almost directly linear path to visit us!  When introducing visitors from far away, we often joke that they came for the sole purpose of taking a Taste Detours. In Justin’s case, she claimed this was true. It was a great honour for us.  

Mary and Leigh originally hail from Hespeler and Paradise, Newfoundland respectively but have lived and taught in Qatar for many years now. They return home to Canada each summer and crave being outside, far away from the air-conditioning necessary to endure the almost steady 50+ degree Qatari heat. They appeared to relish everything they tasted on their To The Core tour, but particularly delighted in the local wines and beer from Miijidaa – a taste they rarely enjoy in their fascinating but dry country. They’re pictured here loving Lorenza and her ‘Doubles’ at Guelph Caribbean Cuisine

Meeting and chatting with world travelers is a major perk of this delicious job. The opportunity to learn things from our guests in exchange for sharing our Guelph stories is something we don’t take for granted. Conversation flows easily. There’s much cheersing. We all seem to arrive in the spirit of conviviality and leave as new friends. 
Lucky us. 

p.s. **Tasmanian Devils are real!

Tasmanians at Atmosphere!
Mary/Leigh/ Lorenza at Caribbean Cuisine

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