Recipes: [RE]Fresh Juice Co. + Shannon Doherty

We know first-hand that great food brings people together. As life-long friends, we’ve always bonded over our shared passions for cooking and health, and our drive to share the value of healthy eating with our families.

Cold pressed | 100% Organic | Never hpp’d | Always in glass

At [RE]Fresh we use only the highest quality 100% organic fruits and vegetables, and state-of-the-art hydraulic presses to extract juice from our produce without exposure to heat or oxidation. That means each of our juices retains all the bright, fresh flavour of the produce we use to make them, and come packed with all the nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes your body craves.

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 I am obsessed with food both sweet and savoury but I find myself often giving into my sweet tooth.



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