If we can give what visitors hunger for: step bite step

I knew all this at heart going in. I walk it, I sample it, I live it daily.

It’s why I started this business.

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Post from 2016

Touring visitors around downtown Guelph has given me the chance to see this place through their eyes, which largely confirms that we’ve got it going on in so many ways. It’s obvious that we take pride in our independence, that we thrive in our individuality. We’ve got a style of our very own and local colour like no other. This becomes evident when we get a taste of the great care with which our food purveyors source their goods and the flair with which they present it. And then there’s Guelph’s history, its architecture, its abundant culture, and its extraordinary personality(ies!)… such a feast to show off.

I knew all this at heart going in. I walk it, I sample it, I live it daily.
It’s why I started this business.

If we give visitors what they hunger for — maps of parking lots, phone numbers, links, hints of the Tastes to come — then access to a slice of Guelph life is seamless. And we do need to tell them about our stuff. All that we are. We can share a little background on our everyday people, our best places, our stellar events; offer them something to do later that day or that however-long stay. A reason to return, really. I believe visitors just want to savour the very things that we love and learn why it is that we make Guelph our home.

Locals can benefit from our tours too. We can hear some of the stories behind our food makers, maybe even try a morsel of something we’ve never tasted before. Soak up lesser-known bits of our history along the route as we glimpse into our past to consider how we’ve been influenced by it, how we influence today, and will tomorrow.

Lucky me, this newness happens on each tour just by offering a little bite of Guelph goodness —#StepBiteStep.

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