Collaboration Nation. Not just one of our hashtags

Collaboration Nation. Not just one of our hashtags, it’s the framework within which we operate our food tours.

Wellington County takes pride in its independence. We thrive on our individuality. Yet we also promote and support each other beautifully; somehow united in this undeniably independent realm.

Yes, we’ve got a frequency of our very own and a vibrancy like no other. The businesses we partner with are fiercely local. This becomes evident when we get a taste of the great care with which they source their goods and the flair with which they present it. They are the heart and soul of our core. So when you join us on a tour or one of our experiences, you get a chance to learn their stories — what got them inspired and what keeps them dedicated to the unique zest of the area. 

Food tours essentially unwrap (or uncork!) a region by offering access to its local ingredients. Food – good, fresh, local food – comes naturally to us. We have deep agricultural roots in this region. Roots from soil that holds both our old stories and a strong instinct to grow. This forms perhaps the largest part of our history; indeed food was the very idea behind the colonizing of the place named Guelph. These are the roots that we continue to nurture and retell. Our deliciousness is not only a matter of Guelph heritage and lore, it’s a tasty, tasty fact. 

We preserve this rich flavour through story-sharing. We feast on lesser-known bits of history along our tour routes and glimpse into the past to consider how we’ve been influenced by it, how we influence today, and likely will tomorrow.

On Taste Detours, we’re walking the very streets where farmers traded their crops and their cattle; where ambitious immigrants set up new shops and restaurants; where visionaries designed streets, a town, a life for the growing populace. All of this still exists today, but with a modern twist.

By immersing you in the stories and flavours of this region we’re able to make the experience of a food tour memorable in a unique and personal way.

Breaking bread and sharing a table is a uniquely human experience. Everybody eats, wherever they go. Savour the places that the locals like to frequent and you’ll end up tapping the influences of our particular culture of food. Moving from one tasty place to another gives you a chance to relish it all while we take care of the details for you.

We’re a moveable feast. Quite literally a movement.

Wherever we grow as a business, we want to remain an authentic experience. To be the ones to offer that extra insight or a bit of background to a place. And to truly know the people in the shops, the restaurants, on the streets — their passions, their stories, what makes them tick.  

Making that connection to both the past and present via the people, the places, the tastes, we’re telling Guelph stories through food + drink — step bite step. 

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