Finalist Ontario Tourism Awards!

Ontario Tourism Awards
As a category of the Ontario Tourism Awards of Excellence, these awards recognize tourism industry successes by honouring organizations and individuals who have made significant contributions to tourism in the province. We are thrilled and honoured! Read on:

Taste Detours now offering food tours in Elora

Food Tour Elora
“It feels natural to have our tours in both Guelph in Elora. There are shared agricultural roots within Wellington County, even historic connections. Telling these stories through food and drink — connecting our regional flavours, even slowing down and connecting people with each other — is the very essence of Taste Detours.” says Broughton. “Elora’s vitality is evident with every…

Telling Guelph’s stories through the food we share

Lynn Broughton has taken many detours on her way to Guelph and picked up a wealth of cultural and culinary experience in the process. “I love eating with strangers,” said Broughton. “I really like meeting people and finding out their stories, sort of digging for those hidden gems.” Broughton is the founder of Taste Detours,…

Guelph Today: Go behind the scenes of Guelph’s most diverse eateries

Custom tours
Taste Detours is proud to announce the release of its television show, Taste Detours: Guelph – a six-episode series that focuses on food in Guelph. Created with Bell Fibe TV1 in 2018, each episode offers interviews with owners, chefs and food champions, taking the viewer behind the scenes for a taste of some of Guelph’s…

A Taste of Place: Taste Detours in Guelph

Taste Detours highlights Guelph’s history by mapping it from one culinary experience to the next, offering an authentic “taste of place.” Lynn Broughton, founder of Taste Detours (, 1-866-736-6343), spent eight years with Downtown Guelph Business Association, marketing shops, restaurants and great events in Guelph’s downtown core. Taste Detours evolved from her passion for the…

Read about Sue Nador’s Guelph Adventure with Taste Detours

We had the great pleasure of touring Via Rail writer, Sue Nador & son around downtown Guelph. A DAY TRIP TO GUELPH March 9, 2018  “Want to visit Guelph?” I ask my 20-something–year-old son. We feel a mid-winter itch to escape the big city. Only an hour train ride from Toronto, Guelph seemed like a first-rate…

Guelph Flavours: Connecting through storytelling

Storytelling has the power to connect and build community. Most cities will, of course, assert stories of their uniqueness — of their roots, their successes and what they’ve amounted to today. In this way, Guelph may not be different, but we really do have much to boast about. We’re a city of firsts since our…

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