A little taste of this, a little bite of that, and a big slice of Guelph history

I had a most fascinating tour yesterday with six men from Walkerton, Kitchener and Guelph.

Four of them were born and raised in Guelph, each attending Sacred Heart School and then St. Stanislaus, St. Agnes and eventually Bishop Macdonell Catholic High School — the renamed Loretto Academy and Notre Dame, now gone from Catholic Hill.

It was one of those days where I happily put aside my tour repertoire in favour of allowing room for these men to not only reminisce with each other but to teach me a thing or two about post-war Guelph. Buildings and businesses long gone, their favourite childhood haunts, the nuns, a time when Eramosa Road was in “the country”. The Ward neighbourhood also figured large in these conversations. So very many tales.


Walking them through a very changed downtown Guelph and showing them places and growth they hadn’t yet seen was a beautiful experience to be a part of. 

A little taste of this, a little bite of that, and a whole lot of stories thrown in. Such a day!

So, I encourage you gents out there to take the initiative and come on a tour with us — you don’t have to rely on your daughters or wives or sisters to bring you along. Trust me, we’ll have fun together.

Wellington Cakes Joe

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