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You can support our small business through the purchase of Gift eCertificates delivered directly to your inbox.

A food and drink adventure is always a gift in Good Taste, and our gift certificates never expire. You can buy online for any amount and conveniently get it straight to your inbox.

The following tours are on hiatus as we let our food friends recover. Perhaps try one of our Carefully Curated Picnics for the summer of 2021?

To The Core Food Tour

Once you’ve purchased, you can choose to send the electronic certificate received in your email to a lucky recipient (or yourself). You’ll be able to include a personal message to the recipient. Here’s a printable certificate if you’d prefer. Just add the e-Certificate # received from the one you just purchased. 

Already have a gift certificate? *We’ll be able to honour those in the fall of 2021. Just contact Lynn to proceed.

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