Learning Guelph #StepBiteStep: Taste Detours

by Karen Kessel of Planet Realty‘s blog, Guelphism: The age-old frustration with not knowing where to go for dinner; or getting stuck in a rut of frequenting the same places time and again for fear of branching out and being disappointed; has met its match in Guelph’s Taste Detours. The new way to explore Downtown’s exceptional offerings is To…

Local walking tour tells the story of Guelph’s history and culture through local cuisine

People enjoying the patio in front of the Redbrick Cafe in Guelph, Ontario.
By Brianna Bell of Guelph Today: Walk, Eat, learn and be happy In late 2015, Lynn Broughton made the decision to highlight the culture and cuisine of Downtown Guelph by launching its first ever guided cultural and culinary walking tour known as Taste Detours.  A Guelph resident for twenty years, Broughton has been long passionate about the Downtown core.…

Taste Detours: Mapping Guelph’s Culinary Curiosities – #stepbitestep

A conversation between Lynn Broughton & Chris Tiessen Gourmands. Chowhounds. Edible Adventurists. Gastro-nomads. They’ve been around for quite a few years now. The phenomenon of food porn is a cultural reality. Hosts of mobile users tweet, facebook, and instagram their meals — eager to share their experience of good taste and to promote best-loved plates and places. ‘This…

On the tip of our tongues

Monday’s Mind Menu looks at Umami: our 5th Taste. This is why we love the funky tastes; the gravies and mushrooms, stinky cheeses and parmesan cheese. “Escoffier, the legendary 19th-century French chef who invented veal stock, felt sure that a savoury fifth taste was the secret of his success, but everyone was too busy gorging on his…

Specialty Tours: Crafted just for you

As we grow our tour offerings, we’re reminded that not everyone can get to us at a specific time on a specific date. Our solution? Custom & private tours! That’s right, we can craft something just for you, for your family, your staff, friends. Name the Occasion! A wedding celebration? A family reunion? Christmas Party.…

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