Award winning Guelph culinary tours help visitors explore city’s history, culture and food

Lynn Broughton is deeply committed to urbanism. The 52-year-old Guelph resident is in her element when walking a city’s core to investigate the history, heritage, architecture and culture, while always paying her respects to the thriving independent local businesses.

Broughton also happens to love food. Of all styles and ethnicity. So a couple of years ago, when a close friend of hers attended a conference about running food tours, Broughton was intrigued. They went to Chicago for Food Tour Professional training to learn the “nuts and bolts” of not only creating but sustaining local food tours.

That’s how Taste Detours, a thoughtfully planned culinary trip around Guelph, came to be.

“I want to tell the stories to be found in downtown Guelph,” says Broughton. “I want to promote the businesses, our culture, lend some insights into our strengths, our past and present, and maybe even look to the future.

“It’s to celebrate all that we are. And perhaps have a taste of something that you’ve never tried before.”

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