Carefully Curated Picnics

A bit like our Food Tours but instead, your moveable feast leaves you alone to enjoy at your own pace and wherever you’d like to go. A family outing in your favourite park? A date by the river? A secret special spot to indulge in a decadent brunch? Your own backyard? We take care of all the details. We’ll even clean the dishes for you!

Pick a park? The wonderful Guelph Maps Guy has you covered here:

A few things first:

  • Your picnic will be confirmed once we’ve spoken, made arrangements, and received payment.
  • We need all the picnic paraphenalia back before noon the next day in order to ensure everyone else enjoys their picnic at a later date. We’ve got everything you need to simply relax and enjoy. We’re aiming to be as sustainable as possible so those reusable containers, cups, water bottles, basket fixings, napkins, games, etc. need to circle around to help make our slice of the world a more joyful place. All you have to do is toss everything back in the bag(s) and basket(s), and walk – or bike – away.
  • Just like on our in-person tours, we’re telling the stories of the people and places through food and drink. We’re connecting you with the makers, illustrating their links to the growers, and offering you a chance to celebrate in a unique and effortless way.

Carefully curated picnics Guelph

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